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   After many years of working together, Kathleen will be leaving us to purse new ambitions. We applaud you for your years of service and achievement at Brittain Group Financial Services. On completing the Branch Managers course, Kathleen diligently fulfilled the role from 2007-2014.Thank you for the care you took in the daily administrative operation of our office. You will be greatly missed by clients and staff. We know you will enjoy time with your family. We hope you find new passions and time to relax!

Our Best GIC Rates

For December 13, 2017

Annual GIC Rates

Your Neighbourhood CU**

1 Year 2.30%
First Ontario Credit Union  2 Year 2.48%
Bridgewater Bank*  3 Year 2.72%
MCAN Mortgage Corp*  4 Year 2.80%
Bridgewater Bank*  5 Year 2.95%


*Rates subject to change. Brittain Group Financial Services is a member of Registered Deposit Brokers Association serving Brantford and surrounding area. As a member we hold contracts with several financial institutions. Please note more than one institution could have the same rate. Kindly contact our office for details.*min $25,000.00 **min $50,000.00 ***$75,000.00

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