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How We Work

~ Serving Brantford and surrounding region since 1985 ~

Brittain Group Financial Services employs a wide array of insurance and investment products to develop effective strategies.

Our Values And Beliefs

We believe that money isn’t everything – chances are that you have a finite amount.  Our objective is to help you make informed decisions about how to use what you have to protect yourself and your family and create financial resilience for your future.

We believe there is value in developing strong, long-term relationships with our clients and our business partners, so we nurture them through an environment of mutual respect and trust.

We understand the value of honesty, integrity and hard work, so we practice these principles conscientiously.

We know both the value of team work and each individual’s contribution.

We believe that client participation at all levels of planning is critical to the success of the plan.

We value education and encourage personal growth and development for ourselves and our staff

Our Commitments To You

Maintaining the highest level of personal and professional customer service.  

Keeping up-to-date with the products and services available in the financial industry market place, and informing you of new offerings that may suit your needs.

Continuing personal education in our respective areas of expertise.

Advising you of any significant changes in legislation or taxation that might affect your plan.

Developing and implementing individual plans to give you peace of mind.

Helping you recognize and realize your life worth today, for your tomorrow.

Our role at Brittain Group Financial Services

At Brittain Group Financial Services we believe in getting to know you through personal interviews; listening to your dreams, aspirations and goals. 

  • We address your fears and uncertainties, while analyzing and reviewing your current situation.
  • We provide recommendation strategies and alternative solutions to assist you in achieving your goals. We build sound investment portfolios individually tailored to suit your objectives and risk tolerance.
  • We assist in developing comprehensive estate plans to create financial resilience and protect you and your family against financial loss due to death, disability and illness.
  • We monitor and review your plan, as well as modifying your plan to adapt to changes in your life goals or circumstances.
  • We work diligently to educate our clients in financial literacy by providing information through discussions, product and planning seminars, and reading material.

Compensation Model

Currently, we do not offer a fee for service platform. Our compensation is driven by embedded trail fees through sale and services of products we employ. Review our Outside Business Activities (OBA) Disclosure to better understand our business structure and the products and services offered through Brittain Group Financial Services and the Dealer Hub Capital Inc. At all times during our engagement, your interests will always be our priority. We will advise you of any conflicts of interest, in writing, if they should arise.

Know the Cost of your Registered Investor Adviser

Our Business Partners

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  – Insurance Brokerage 

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